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Light Therapy

5 sessions recommended

  • 15 min
  • Southeast Central Parkway

Service Description

Your body consists of some 50 trillion cells - and what happens inside and to the cell creates the health or illness you experience.  Light energy therapy, also known as LLLT, low level light therapy, photonic or photodynamic therapy - stimulates the natural healing power of your cells, helping them to more effectively regenerate, repair and restore.  Proven effective on humans and animals worldwide for more than 40 years, visible red, blue and "invisible" infrared light have been shown to affect positive therapeutic benefits to living issues and organisms on a cellular level.  Over 3,500 studies, including those by NASA and the Mayo Clinic demonstrate cells exposed to LLLT exhibit 150% increase in cellular repair and vitality.  They also prove that light energy is able to help relieve pain and inflammation that result from chronic and/or disease-based conditions, physical trauma, stress and training. ​BENEFITS: A simple, effective, non-pharmacological alternative for pain and greater well-being, photon therapy is now being used in the management of acute or chronic injuries and post-operative wounds because it is quick, cost-effective and easy to administer.  By applying infrared, red and blue light pulsed at specific frequencies, circulation increases, and the body's production of nitric oxide is activated.  Nitric Oxide, the "miracle molecule", provides multiple benefits to the body by regulating blood pressure and blood flow to organs, preventing harmful clots and combating arterial plaque, reducing oxidative stress and aiding nerve communication.  The application of light also increases ATP (adenosine tryphosphate) production.  ATP is the fuel produced by the mitochondria in your cells.  It is the fuel your body runs on.  All food must be converted to ATP to be used as energy.  Enhanced ATP production results in greater cell energy, regeneration and renewal.  Over a hundred years of scientific research has demonstrated that the resulting benefits to the body include: Decreasing pain (back, neck, joint, shoulder etc) Reducing inflammation, swelling and edema (reducing pressure on nerves) Relaxing muscles (decreasing tension and spasms) Increasing range of motion Improving sensation (eg: peripheral neuropathy) Accelerating healing Enhancing nerve transmission Reducing stress (helps rebalance nervous system) Boosting detoxification and immune function Helping to balance hormones (through its effect on the hypothalamus)

Contact Details

  • 10 Southeast Central Parkway, Stuart, FL, USA

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