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I'm finished with one of the remedies on my regimen.  Should I order more of that item?

  • If your remedy schedule says "stay on" next to that item, you should order more and stay on it until you are re-tested.

  • If your remedy schedule does not say "stay on" then you should not order more.


What are the DOS and DONTS of following my regimen?

  • Homeopathics are clear and Herbs are colored usually brownish

  • Take nothing by mouth 15 minutes prior to or following dosage of Homeopathics. This includes food, drink, cigarettes, gum, and toothpaste

  • Limit mint in any form

  • Avoid camphor rub and smells of menthol

  • Place drops under the tongue hold for 10 seconds or you may put them in a small amount of water

  • All homeopathics (clear drops) can be taken at the same time

  • Keep homeopathics out of direct sun and X ray (have them hand checked when traveling)


 I'm running out of my products what do I reorder till next test?

  • If you have a question about what you are to order please look at order sheet, all other products Michele will order and should be circled with a price on the regimen.

  • Some Products may take a week to reach you  because they come to us first to be shipped or from other companies

  • On the regimen sheet please note what to STAY on and RE-Order. These are the ONLY things you need to re-order until your next test or unless advised by Michele.

  • If you are re-ordering products you can re-order directly from our website with PayPal. If you don't use PayPal you can call Lisa at the office to order with a credit card at 772-486-3779.

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