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May support liver, kidney, and spleen health*

4 oz


  • Contains:

    Proprietary Extract Blend 1.5ml: Cat’s Claw (bark), Burdock (root), Dandelion (root), Oregon grape (root),Phyllanthus (leaf, stem),Phyllanthus spp., Uva-Ursi (leaf), Stinging nettle (leaf), Boldo (leaf), Artichoke (leaf), Milk thistle (seed), Fringe tree (root bark), Goldenrod (leaf, stem, flower), Solidago spp., Marshmallow (root), Yellow dock (root), Blue flag (root), Yarrow (leaf, stem, flower), Agrimony (leaf, stem, flower), Oat straw (oat top, stem), Meadowsweet (leaf, stem, flower); Purified water, Ethanol (25%).

    Suggested Usage:

    10 to 30 drops three times daily or as directed by your healthcare professional.


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