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Ionic Detoxifying Footbath

Enhance your body's own natural detox abilities.

  • 45 min
  • Southeast Central Parkway

Service Description

An ionic footbath is a machine used to make the body more alkaline by detoxifying it. The body's alkaline pH level should be 7.35 to 7.45, anything lower is acidic and increases the chance of illness because disease thrives in an acidic environment. By using an ionic footbath, these toxins and impurities will be drawn out from the feet. Ionic footbaths enhance the ability of your body to mobilize and excrete toxins though the kidneys and bowels for days after the session, demonstrating the systemic effect of the ions in supporting the detoxification and healing mechanisms of the body. An ionic footbath is more effective than other foot detox modalities because the electrical current actually travels throughout the body and helps stimulate lasting detoxification effects. Assisting the body's natural detoxification process results in: *Enhanced lymphatic drainage *A stronger immune system *A reduction in chronic pain and inflammation *Prevention of chronic disease *Relief from the symptoms of chronic illness *Potential weight loss *Increased energy and focus *Better skin health *Fewer headaches and migraines *Improved circulation and heart health *An overall feeling of relaxation and improved mood *Stress relief *A reduction of swelling in the feet and ankles *Improved digestion and nutrient absorption Anyone can benefit from an ionic footbath to boost their overall health. In our experience, patients who suffer from chronic pain, illness, migraines, and fatigue experience the most dramatic improvement. They are also beneficial for those suffering from skin conditions, fungal or yeast infection, and digestive issues. This treatment also works well as an accompaniment to other therapies, such as IV Therapy and Colon Hydrotherapy. The benefit of this form of detox is that it is "gentle and safe, and not compromising because it bypasses the gastro-intestinal system. CALL FOR PRICING OR TO SCHEDULE AN APPOINTMENT!! 772-486-3779

Contact Details

  • 10 Southeast Central Parkway, Stuart, FL, USA


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