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May provide support for the relief of symptoms due to hormone imbalances.*


2 fl oz liquid


  • Contains:

    Active: Dong Quai (root) 10x, Chaste tree (berry) 10x, Wild yam 10x, Damiana 10x, Licorice 10x, Hops (flower) 10x, Testosterone 10x, Progesterone 10x, Jurubeba 10x, Quebra pedra 10x, Boldo (leaf) 10x, Una de Gato (inner bark) 10x, Artichoke (leaf) 10x, Alfalfa 10x, Milk thistle 10x, Dandelion (root) 10x, Oregon grape root 10x, Gentian 10x, Wormwood 10x, Chaparral 10x, Black walnut 10x, Ginger 10x, Garlic 10x, Fennel seed 10x

    Inactive: 15% Alcohol in purified water.

    Suggested Usage:

    5 to 10 drops 3 times per day or as directed by your healthcare professional.

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